About Eyelash Extensions...

Eyelash extensions are a semi-permanent solution for women looking to dramatically enhance their short or sparse lashes, and rid themselves of the hassle of messy mascara. Eyelash Extensions are lightweight, synthetic eyelashes that come in a huge range of lengths, thicknesses, curl styles and colors. They are expertly bonded to your own natural lashes using a FDA safe surgical-grade adhesive manufactured specifically for eyelash application.  Your new lashes will be longer, thicker and more luscious than ever. To keep you lashes looking as fabulous as when they were first applied a regular 2-5 week refill is necessary. Eyelash extensions are weightless, wonderful and truly transformative. Each eyelash application is a work of art with an intricate finish courtesy of our Certified Eyelash Artist.

What the SpaLash Spot Offers in Eyelash Extensions...

A full set of lash extensions are applied in a classic and/or volume technique using a physician-developed, medical grade adhesive that will not irritate the eye nor damage the natural lashes. Application can take between 2-3 hours depending on the look desired and the condition and number of natural lashes. Based on this a customized application the lashes applied will fit perfectly with your natural lash length, fullness & condition. Lashes can be maintained year-round with Refills recommended every 2-5 weeks.


Full Set of Lash Extensions

Around 70-120 lashes are applied to the entire upper lash line. Total application time is 2 hours. Lash Extensions give the appearance of luscious full, black, curled lashes that are perfect for any lifestyle.

Extra Lash Time- This is a 30 minute add on that can be applied to any new Full Set of Lash Extensions for $30 if you desire a fuller & thicker set of lashes. 



Silk Extensions - mid-weight lash extension that is fine and flexible. Because they are softer and more porous, they tend to hold on slightly longer than synthetic lashes. They can be made to look very natural or very glamorous. These extensions come in a variety of curls, weights  and lengths
and are a great option for a more natural look, as the curl is not generally as uniform or as 'plasticky' as synthetic lash. These stunning and natural
lashes can be used in either the Classic or Volume Lash Techniques.

Mink Extensions - are faux-mink, man-made fibers, designed to imitate real mink fur. They are light weight, fine, soft, and silky extensions that feel exactly like natural lashes. They are shinier in texture than silk lashes which give them a glossy look and come in a variety of curls, weights and lengths. These extensions are very long lasting, and great to use if your own lashes are fine, weak or sparse. Because they are so fine, the surface-area-ratio between your own lash and the extension is much closer to 1:1 (with synthetic it can be 1:2 or even higher) so they last longer. These beautifully natural and fluffy lashes are perfect to use with the Volume Lash Technique.



Classic- The classic look (or traditional extensions) are for individuals who prefer a more subtle and natural appearance. These basic extensions are sometimes referred to as “1-Dimensional” or “1-D,” because the process involves carefully attaching a single thick, dark eyelash strand to each existing lash. This simply enhances the lashes, giving each a darker and more curled appearance without compromising the eye’s natural appearance. These extensions are perfect for anyone looking to add a basic level of enrichment.

Volume - Volume lashes (or multiple dimension extensions) provide a more glamorous and full look. The process entails attaching 2-8 (2D, 3D, 4D, etc.) ultra-light weight fanned shaped extensions (which are extremely thin, dark, and feathery) to each lash. This creates a soft yet extremely voluminous appearance that does not overload or damage your natural lashes. These extensions are ideal for those who wish to add some glam to their appearance and those with naturally thin or light-colored lashes.


• Saves you time, you no longer have to apply mascara and your eyes will look great from the moment you wake up
• Eyelashes become thinner and shorter with age. A full set of extensions can take years off your face by restoring the thickness and length
• They are waterproof. You can swim or exercise and still have lovely defined eyes without having to worry about mascara running or smudging
• Makes your eyes look more defined, lifted and bigger

• Available in a range of lengths, thicknesses and colors. You can customize your look and there is a style to suit everyone
• Perfect for special occasions including weddings, formals, and parties, or to give as a gift

• Looks and feels natural
• Pain free procedure

• Most strip lashes are designed for 1 use whereas eyelash extensions can last up to 4 weeks or longer, depending on your eyelash growth cycle

• Unlike strip lashes, eyelash extensions do not require glue to come in contact with your skin reducing the chance of skin irritations


Lash Refill

Recommended every 2-5 weeks. Keeps lash extensions looking fresh, full and fabulous. Natural lashes have a growth cycle of 60 to 90 days and they are continually growing and shedding. When a set of lash extensions are applied each natural lash is at a different stage in the growth cycle. Therefore when the extension is bonded onto the natural lash it grows with and sheds off with the natural lash. Refills are the process of replacing extensions that have shed off and also adding extensions to any new lash growth. In order to maintain a full set of lashes refills are required every 2-5 weeks depending on each individual’s growth cycle and style being maintained. As long as they are properly cared for, lash extensions can last indefinitely.  

Daily Lash Maintenance & Care...

Prior to Lash Appointment

Shower prior: lash extensinos cannot get wet 24hrs after application 

Be prepared with lashes totally clean: free of eye shadow, mascara & eyeliner 

Do not use any oil based make-up removers or facial products prior to or after application

If applicable: contact lenses need to be removed and can be worn once application is complete

Do not consume caffeine, energy drinks or any other substance that causes jitters or restlessness 


The First 24 Hours After Lash Application

Avoid getting lashes wet. This allows the adhesive to cure thoroughly

Avoid facials, hot steam showers, saunas, swimming & tanning beds

Avoid the use of alpha and beta hydroxy acids or any other type of acidic topical facial products

Consult doctor if: pregnant, on medication, have a medical condition, allergies, or recovering from a medical procedure prior to applying lash extensions


Daily Lash Maintenance & Care

Those gorgeous new lashes are so beautiful you will want them to last forever. There are many ways to extend the life of your lash extensions. With close attention to these easy-to-follow daily maintenance and care instructions, your lashes will look amazing and last longer between your refill appointments. If the instructions below are not followed it could result in conditions such as eye irritation, loss of extensions and even damage to your natural lashes. Abiding by this list will allow you to maintain healthy and happy lashes.       

  • Clean lash extensions regularly using only our recommended Lash Shampoo

Lash Shampoo Recipe: 1 teaspoon Baby Shampoo/Wash, Dash of Baking Soda, Distilled Water

Add Shampoo/Wash, Baking Soda & Distilled Water to Foam Pump Bottle Shake Well & Use

Cleaning Directions:

  1. Apply foaming Lash Shampoo to lashes & cleanse by using a gentle upward & downward motion 
  2. Rinse well with tepid water
  3. Carefully squeegee off excess water using fingertips
  4. Groom lashes with mascara wand
  • Cleanse lashes immediately after swimming in chlorine or salt water
  • Avoid using any oil-based skincare or makeup products on or around the eye area
  • Avoid waterproof mascara; if needed only use water soluble mascara, avoid applying to root area
  • Avoid touching, picking, pulling or rubbing lashes
  • Avoid using cotton balls/rounds/swabs around eye area
  • Only use eyelash growth serums recommended by Lash Tech
  • Do not perm, mechanically/heat curl or tint lashes
  • Avoid sleeping face down on lashes, try sleeping on back or side
  • Lightly brush your lashes daily with a dry mascara brush to straighten & fluff
  • After shower use blow-dryer, arm’s length away from lashes, on “cool” setting to fluff/dry lashes
  • If eyes get itchy or irritated lubricating eye drops can be used (i.e. Visine).
  • Do not remove lash extensions yourself. For removal contact your Eyelash Tech.
  • Get lash refills every 2-4 weeks.
  • If you experience any pain, swelling, redness or irritation, in or around eye area, contact your Eyelash Artist or a doctor immediately.



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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers...


The initial procedure to attach the extensions takes between 2-3 hours for a full set of eyelash extensions. This includes consultation, cleansing of your lashes, applying the lash extensions, and discussing aftercare. When you return for refills, the process takes around 60-90 minutes depending on the number of weeks between appointments.



A natural lash typically sheds every 60 to 90 days and is replaced with the growth of a new eyelash. The lash extension is bonded to each individual natural lash; therefore the extension grows out with the natural lash. After 2-4 weeks, approximately 1/3 of the lashes will have cycled out. At this point, refills are required to replace the lashes that have completed their life cycle.



Maintaining healthy eyelashes is ideal for long lasting eyelash extensions. Eyelash growth serum in conjunction with eyelash extensions promotes strength and support to ensure the health of the natural lashes. The serum conditions the lashes, enabling the lash to stay in the catogen phase for a longer period of time. The lash sealant is an additional product sealing the area between the natural lashes and the lash extension, creating a protective barrier against oil, perspiration and debris. These products will maximize the life of your lashes and furthermore your lash extensions.



Currently the FDA is not regulating eyelash extensions because the eyelash extensions are applied to the natural eyelash hairs and do not touch the skin. The application process is pain-free and relaxing that most clients fall asleep during the procedure. However, improper application by an unqualified eyelash technician can cause damage to your natural lashes. We recommend only using a Certified Eyelash Extension Specialist.



NO, not at all. The specially formulated adhesive has been specifically made for human lashes and it dries softly, flexible, and comfortable. Eyelash extensions and their bonding agent have been FDA approved and are not governed by the state board of cosmetology. Be good to your lashes and your lashes will be good to you. Treat them gently and with respect and your lashes will fall out only when they are ready to.



The biggest difference between the two types is that eyelash extensions are applied directly on to an individual single natural lash one lash at a time. Eyelash extensions will leave lashes looking natural. The traditional false lashes are made in a strip or with multiple lashes knotted together. They are applied on to the skin on your eyelid often they feel heavy and unnatural and looking like fake eyelashes. Traditional false lashes last only a few days to a week whereas eyelash extensions can last long as 2 months.



You can enjoy these lashes with little need to adjust your lifestyle. Provided you follow the simple maintenance instructions, are not involved excessively in heat or water activities, and treat the lashes with care they will last through the natural lash life cycle. You can swim, shower and spa as usual so long as these activities are not engaged in excessively.



Indeed, one of the main advantages of Eyelash extension is that you don’t have to use mascara. Mascara can be applied between maintenance to maintain a look of fullness. DO NOT USE OIL-BASED OR WATER-PROOF MASCARA. Waterproof mascara along with any type of oil based mascara will dissolve the adhesive and cause your Eyelash extension to fall off.



As the natural lashes cycle out and shed, Eyelash extension will shed with them. However, if necessary, lashes can be professionally removed by your eyelash tech by using a specially formulated adhesive remover. The removal process normally takes approximately 30-45 minutes for a full set. Never try to remove eyelash extensions on your own. Damage can be caused by pulling the extensions off with the natural lash, removing the natural lash before it is ready to shed.



At The SpaLash Spot our Eyelash Artist prefers not to mix their work with other peoples work. It is advised that you either allow your extensions to naturally come off or contact The SpaLash Spot to discuss the options of having the extensions removed prior to your appointment in order to have a new set applied. If your eyes are red and sore from the incorrectly applied eyelash extensions that were applied elsewhere, we would advise resting your eyes from extensions for approximately 3-4 weeks before having a professional set reapplied.



There are certain contraindications and/or medical conditions that may affect the suitability for an eyelash extensions. Please use the guideline below to determine whether or not you are affected by any of the listed contraindications/medical conditions. If at any stage you are not sure whether to have this procedure, please seek medical advise from your doctor and they will advise you whether this kind of treatment would be suitable for you.

Medical Conditions:

Cataract: An opacity or cloudiness in the natural lens of the eye. It is still the leading cause of blindness worldwide. The development of cataracts in the adult is related to ageing, sunlight exposure, smoking, poor nutrition, eye trauma and systemic diseases. Patients with cataracts usually complain of blurred vision.

Diabetic Retinopathy: A disease of the retina caused by diabetics.

Glaucoma: A medical disorder associated with pressure in the eye, and is characterized by damage to the optic nerve, with consequent visual loss, initially peripheral, but potentially blinding if relentlessly progressive.

Herpes Simplex: A viral infection (commonly known as cold sores) which erupts most commonly around the mouth. People who carry the herpes simplex virus may carry it around the eye area. Caution is needed when proceeding with eyelash extension procedure.

Psoriasis: Individuals suffer from excessively dry skin characterized by peeling and flaking. Peeling can make the skin of psoriasis clients extremely tender. Making the procedure very difficult to complete and may cause discomfort.  
Conjunctivitis: As it is highly contagious, any form of conjunctivitis is not suitable for eyelash extensions. You must wait at least 28 days after it has cleared up before taking eyelash procedure.

Dry Eye Syndrome: Sufferers would often have to use eye drops, which might affect the bonding chemical. It is possible to undertake procedure providing client is aware of the possible results.

Trichotillomania: Sufferers habitual pull out their own hair including eyelashes and eyebrow hair.

Alopecia: Each individual client consideration must be assessed as eyelash procedure may trigger off further hair loss. They may not be any lashes in the eyelid area to extend.

Skin Disorders: If you suffer from any inflammatory skin disorders or allergies, a doctor’s written approval is required before having eyelash extensions applied.

Epilepsy: Individuals suffer from seizures making it unsafe due to the tools and products used during the application of lash extensions.  


Additional Contraindications and/or Conditions:

• You have an eye infection, any kind of eye irritation or contagious eye disorders and/or conditions.

• You a user of eye medication (consult doctor for approval).

• You have allergies to latex or acrylates-such as acrylic nails.
• You recently had eye surgery, including the LASIK procedure.

• You have highly sensitive or hyper sensitive eyes.

• You have eye allergies and rub/itch your eyes often.
• You have had an eyelash perm within the last 3 months.

• You have very curly eyelashes, as it will be difficult to glue an extension on.

• Nervous clients (Do not like their eyes being touched).

• Highly strung clients (Cannot sit still for long period of time with eyes shut).


However, if you are unsure please contact your Eyelash Artist to discuss any and all questions or concerns.

Eyelash Extensions

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